actors: lana/sean: porno AU

Challenge 2 ~ Rebirth

At the moment there's an Icon Meme floating around LJ called "Icon Redux Meme".
It's all about revisiting old icons and make them new *lol*

That just reminded me of a challenge here.
I know the community is more or less dead at the moment.
But I think the challenge/meme is kind of fun.

Shows you how much you improved.
In case someone wants to see my old and new icons ...
go over here :
*is too lazy to repost them*

I'd love to see some of you guys do this challenge again, too.
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Challenge 7: Kickin' it old school

Couple of attempts. I'm not a big brush user. I prefer to fill my negative space with textures.


In River's icon, I was trying to convey the feeling of dancing away from the problems and fear. Losing herself in the dance for a brief respite from the pain. I desaturated all around her to show how the world goes away when she's dancing.

In Logan's case, I wanted to show how he's feeling the world against him, the weight of all the problems and attacks pressing down.
actors: lana/sean: porno AU

Challenge #2 : Re-Birth


Icon 01 was made in October 2005 and was one of my first Icons, Icon 02 was made in January 2006.
I guess you can see some progress there *lol*

I didn't hate 01 when I made it, I was kinda proud of it.
But when I see it now, beside 02, I wanna die *lol*

I changed the background to purple in 01, but as you can see, my gradient wasn't big enough for that.
You can still see parts of the darker background.
The font placing is horrible, as was the font itself (well... not really horrible, but pretty much standard & therefore boring)
Even the cropping wasn't the best... so much hair ... sooo... yay 02 *lol*
Changed the background again, but to better colours, tried to focus more on her face instead of her hair, used a better font and ... I like it just better.

But who am I to judge *lol*
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