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General Info:

Icon Spark is an icon challenge community whose goals are to spurr creativity, to promote originality, and to give the ol' muse a kick in the arse when needed.

There is no competition, no voting and no winning or losing. If you're here it's for the love of making icons.


Every week a new challenge will be posted. They will be highly varied. The idea is to stretch your icon-making muscles by trying different things - colours, styles, themes, tools, etc.

But, since it isn't all about me, if you have a great idea for a challenge? Suggest it HERE.

All challenges are open fandom. Any TV show, movie, musician, book, comic, etc that you want to create icons of is fine.

Previous challenges can be found here.

Submission Guidelines:

Mondays: New challenges will be posted on this day whenever possible.

As all challenges are open-ended (there is no set timeline/deadline) you can post at any time, any day.

Community Rules:

DO use a cut-tag when posting more then 4 icons (pity the poor souls still using dial-up)

DON'T post anything other the icon challenge responses (no comm promos, no questions, nothing - got it?)

DO answer any challenge at anytime regardless of what the 'challenge of the week' is. Also, answer any challenge as many times as you'd like (with as many icons as you'd like!)

DON'T spam the community. (we all know there's a difference between posting three times in one week and fifteen times, yeah?)

DO leave feedback and constructive crit.

DON'T force me to be a nazi!mod, it makes me cranky. Read the rules, follow the rules, love the rules. (if you're not sure - ask!)

And that's about all! Any of the above can change at any time and most likely will. I try to keep this community as interactive as possible so feedback is always encouraged!

Maintainer: indiana_jane_ (aka. the person to send suggestions, complaints, feedback, etc. to)